Bluff or… not bluff?

Bluffing, from time to time we wonder if our claims to success are too great? Shouldn’t we put off bluffing? Or to abandon it altogether – until the arrival of a really good figure? These reflections have an unusual effect. At this moment, we freeze, not daring to place a bet. And we often miss our opportunity to win. What happens in this case? We get a decent figure, we count on it, but we do not dare to bet. And we miss this opportunity, missing the victory itself.

This case shows that faith in our strength has cracked. That we are not very confident in our victory. And that we should play more carefully – if we want to save our money. Bluffing is the pinnacle of the poker game. Her highest peak. The time when the desire to win collides with the desire not to lose. Doubts in this case are a bad thing. But they have a right to be. It’s about money, and not just ours. Therefore, the attitude towards them may be different.

If there is no confidence in bluffing, it is better not to bluff in this case.

Place a bet and wait for its repayment. And nothing more. If it is extinguished and they ask for more – to extinguish this “more” with your rate and not raise it. Let the one who has the best figure on his hands win. Let it be so – especially if you are not sure about your figure. There is such an opinion about bluff. It becomes significant only when the piece in your opponent’s hands allows you to play with it and raise it. If this does not happen, the bluff turns into just another bet. And quietly dies. But only to reappear at the next stage of the game.

Playing with a bluff is playing with luck. Trying to increase the bluff to the maximum – dramatically increase the chances of your winning or … losing. It is clear that of the two contenders for the game, one will win, but the other will inevitably lose.

Bluff has its own history.

It becomes pride – if it is successful and unexpected for everyone. You ask for a certain amount and the opponent supports it. Then the bluff increases over and over again – until it turns into a legendary amount that has no analogues. And when you get this bluff, you’re ready to tell anyone about it, as much as you want. This bluff becomes your reward for your efforts. Your merit.

And, if you like, even a fetish. Bluff can become legendary even if it goes not to you, but to your opponent. It just turned out to be very beautiful. And therefore it must acquire legends. But that’s not your bluff anymore. And your lucky opponent’s bluff.