Filling out the questionnaire and opening an account

Finally, it’s time to proceed directly to the actions that will allow you to play for real money.
We warn you right away, it is necessary to leave only truthful information in the questionnaire. Do not create unnecessary problems for yourself, as the administration of any club can ask you to confirm the identity of the player at any time.

If you are unable to do this, your account will be blocked. If you don’t know English very well, then try to choose clubs that support Russian, so as not to make mistakes when filling out the questionnaire. If you are filling out a short version of the questionnaire, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to leave more detailed information in the very near future.
As already mentioned, usually in an online casino registration is accompanied by a choice of the currency of the gaming account. You should immediately determine what is convenient for you, so that you can safely transfer funds to a deposit and not lose money on conversion

First actions

Any player should remember that the very first and main action during or immediately after registration should be the following: decide for yourself whether you are ready to take bonuses from the administration. Remember that free cheese only happens “you know where”. If you do not want to win back gifts or the conditions of the wager seem draconian, then you should not get involved with receiving bonuses.

After that, you can top up your balance and start playing. However, do not rush to start the machines for money. Practice in the demo version and only then make real bets. No one is chasing you, you will always have time to lose, as well as win.

Popular registration errors

In order for your leisure time to pass with the least “strain”, I would like to warn you against the traditional mistakes that many gamers make. So:

  • Leave only truthful information in the questionnaire.
  • Study the resource rules carefully.
  • Do not open multiple gaming accounts (multiaccounts are prohibited everywhere).
  • If you are a minor, then it is better to pass by a gambling establishment.
  • Do not abuse bonuses (the administration is struggling with bonus hunters).
  • Agree to identification at the first request of the administration and never refuse it.

Listen to the recommendations, and you will be happy!

Advantages of registration

In principle, we have already discussed all the advantages and advantages for a registered user above.

It remains to sum up a little. If you want to earn real, not virtual profit, participate in tournaments and receive bonuses or a progressive jackpot, then you should go through all the necessary procedures at the selected casino that are necessary. In any case, the attitude of the administration and the support service to a full member of the club is always more responsible and loyal. Good luck!