At the end of the 20th century, not only jeans, foreign films and subculture fashion, but also slot machines reached our latitudes. Until then, gambling games were known in the Soviet space except in the form of cards. And even then, few people understood why these cards were gambling.

What’s gambling about a card fool? The gradual increase in interest in everything Western and subsequently introduced us to what we today call the old slot machines.


Actually, in about 90 years, slot machines appeared, which today we consider to be thematic classics. Modern content from manufacturers of gambling products already looks somewhat different, but ask the first person you meet to describe / draw a slot – it will look like a classic.

So, in the world of slot machines there is always a place for slots about fruits, machines about Egypt and a number of simple spiritual plots. For the most part, slot machines of the 90s were remembered by us for the works of such manufacturers as Gaminator, Igrosoft, Unicum and MegaJack.


The pioneers among vintage gambling content are slot-gaminators, produced by Novomatic. The headliner of the Gaminator line is the old gaming machine of the Book, aka the Book of Ra. This is a real hit, which struck the public with its direct plot and its successful implementation. To go to the sand dunes in the footsteps of the pharaohs and find a precious artifact together with an archaeologist – that’s what everyone who wants to get acquainted with Books has to do. By the way, as for the spiritual plots…


Igrosoft products, though not imported, but their old machines are a clear example of the fact that there are no less talented minds in our latitudes. Slots of this manufacturer usually reveal very mundane, but such familiar and soulful themes. Here you will find old folk tales from childhood, and sketches from everyday adult life.

Some call the history of the Igrosoft brand phenomenal: they have released little content, and it is not perfect, but it is dearly loved by the public: even modern. And it’s not a matter of limited choice: at the time of the appearance of the first slots of the company there was plenty to choose from, and today – even more so. It’s just that these old slot machines really have a special flavor and even more special gameplay. If Novomatic came up with a more universal gameplay solution and used it everywhere for a wider coverage, then Igrosoft slots is an absolutely niche product. A niche product that has fallen in love with a diverse plot development and big wins.


But if the old Igrosoft slot machines are still somewhat stylized and idealized, and you like to be closer to reality, you will like the content from Unicum. That’s where the harsh nineties are without embellishment! What is the Bratva slot machine worth with its guys from the district, robbing the bags of passers-by and robbing stalls at night. Or the Gold Party slot about all the political nuances of the USSR. In a word, to play – not to replay!