The rules of the roulette game are something you should definitely know! The roulette game in the world of excitement enjoys almost the greatest honor. On a par with blackjack and poker, roulette bets must be tried by every fan of excitement. After all, slots are slots, and no one has canceled the classics. Moreover, the rules of the roulette game in an online casino are quite accessible, and knowing them it is easy to gain enough experience for serious victories.


The roulette game in the online casino today is offered in two variations. Everyone is more familiar with the first option – these are emulators.

That is, software simulators of the classic online gameplay. They are made in such a way that the original principle of the game is preserved as much as possible, just all the actions and surroundings are reproduced programmatically, and the visual series is drawn. You can always play this version of roulette in an online casino in demo mode to understand what’s what.

The second category is roulette in live format, they are also games with live dealers. Everything happens here in the same way as in casino movies or directly in real casinos themselves. The process will be completely familiar to you if you have been lucky enough to place roulette bets in a real casino at least once. Only one difference: everything happens online. However, it is even more convenient, because you do not need to dress according to the dress code, go somewhere, place more bets that are expected of you, be distracted by backgrounds and so on. It’s like Skype communication with relatives: what is not complete?

Interesting fact: contrary to popular opinion, roulette in live format is also partially available in demo mode. Yes, you can’t bet on candy wrappers with real dealers, as is the case with emulators, but you can connect to any virtual table and watch others play, even if there is no money on your balance. Yes, the system will swear with pop-ups with the message “top up the balance”, but nothing prevents you from closing them and watching everything live. To do this, you only need to register at the casino. And then everyone will decide for himself whether he wants to play.


In many ways, the interest in this game from both beginners and experienced players is based on high returns. And it’s true that roulette bets are one of the most profitable in monetary terms. The percentage of return on the classics is 97.3%. Thus, according to RTP, it is outstripped only by blackjack, which has a return percentage of 98.2%.

In addition to being profitable, betting on roulette in a casino is also exquisite. This game is reputed to be the entertainment of aristocrats, and so it was, because even in the world’s hotbed of excitement – America – the game was brought from Europe. In the historical homeland, it was played by the nobility and the intelligentsia.

Moreover, the game is also shrouded in a trail of mystery, and even mysticism. There is no exact data on the invention of the game. Which is not surprising, because mass items often have very vague or collective roots. Nevertheless, there is a version or even a legend that the game was made based on the invention of Blaise Pascal. The scientist, of course, did not invent a gambling machine, but worked on a scientific project – a perpetual motion machine. What he got is really reminiscent of the same drum. Is it a coincidence? There is no direct evidence…

Well, as for mysticism – nimble minds could not help but notice that the sum of all the numbers on its reel is 666. Nevertheless, she is called the queen of gambling, and certainly not the devil.


We have already figured out that a bet in a casino can be made both on an emulator and with a live dealer. But there is another important point in the categorization of different versions of this gambling entertainment.

In essence, betting in a casino on an emulator or at a live dealer is a choice with a question of taste. Here, who is more comfortable or more familiar. But they all have several versions.

So, there are several versions, but absolutely niche options like French and Chinese can be omitted. They are few where there are and few where popular. Basically, only European and American versions are found. And here the rules of casino games definitely boil down to the fact that it is worth focusing on the European.

The European version is the original classic with the same percentage of return of 97.3%. It has one “losing” section – zero. In the American, there is both zero and double zero. Actually, double zero was added to the drum already in America, when enterprising casino owners realized that they could have more players. Well, the USA has long been setting trends in the world of excitement, so the “tricky” version has leaked into the online casino.

But in fairness it should be noted that the European version is much more common for the sake of the audience. It is worth choosing on it.


Well, what kind of game is Russian roulette? In fact, this is the same standard version (in 85% of cases European), only with support for the Russian language. Accordingly, it can be an emulator in the form of a Russian roulette with an interface in our native language. Or – a version of Russian roulette with a live dealer who speaks this language.

By the way, many live casino studios are located in the Baltic States, where many speak Russian. So the question of how to play Russian roulette is solved easily.


You will see in front of you a playing field with a zoned cloth for betting and a game drum with a ball spinning in it. The ball is launched to the side. the reverse side of the rotation of the drum. Then he stops at one of the sectors. Did this sector fall under the parameters of your bid? The answer to this question will determine the winnings.

Of course, a bet in a roulette casino can be made not only on the number of those that are on the sectors of the reel. You can also choose the type of bet that several sectors are suitable for. And even half.

Actually, a casino bet with a 1:1 probability of winning is the most popular. Especially the bet on color, because it is most easily perceived associatively. All this is logical, because it gives maximum winning opportunities. You just need to take into account that the rules of roulette imply a loss if you bet on a color, and zero fell out.

The bet, which is called even / odd, has the same maximum probability of winning. But this bet, along with the color bet, has the most modest winning ratio – one to one. This also includes the big/small bid.

Bets on columns, dozens, and a range of numbers have a slightly higher variance. The most expensive bet is on a specific number. By the way, you can also bet on zero.


Since the rules of casino games are strictly defined, then the strategy of the draw can be made without difficulty. Actually, this was started many years before us, and the most popular strategy is considered to be Martingale. Named after its creator, this strategy is based on 1-to-1 winning bets. It implies that you gradually accumulate your winnings by correctly varying the amount of bets. By the way, you can also play other casino entertainment using this strategy.

The rules of casino games on Martingale are as follows. In the case of roulette, you choose, for example, a bet on “small”. Put 10 rubles on it. If your bet is played, you bet ten rubles already on the “big”, obeying the elementary laws of probability theory. If you bet and lost, you bet again on the same indicator, only already 20 rubles. Again, everything is logical: the probability that the bet will play is now even greater, and with an increased amount you will level the previous losing move. If you lose again, you double it again (bet 40 rubles) and wait for the coveted win. When it happens, switch back to “small”. Similarly, you can bet on colors or even / odd, but then you have to immediately choose one category and play, starting from these frames.

However, the Martingale theory has many critics. This strategy is not the only one, and each has its own supporters and opponents. In any case, nothing prevents you from trying and determining the value of the strategy for yourself.

On the other hand, there are quite a few players who do not like strategy in principle. And if you also prefer to surrender to excitement and intuition without unnecessary schemes and calculations, there is also a mini-strategy for you. You can bet on numbers, trying to guess them, but at the same time insure yourself by betting on colors or others with a probability of 1 to 1. The rules do not prohibit making more than one bet at a time. And so you will be able to smooth out failures in guessing numbers, which, according to probability theory, are much higher than failures for low-dispersed bets.