Secrets of slot machines

A slot machine is a machine in which there are three or more reels with different symbols. When the button or lever is pressed, the reels rotate, the symbols on them form various combinations. If the images line up on the payline, then the player receives a reward.

Now slot machines are divided by the number of reels, prize lines, the availability of various bonus games and jackpots. Every month there are new games with interesting gameplay from leading manufacturers, the market is constantly replenished.

For example, the secrets of crazy monkey slot machines are hidden in the nuances of doubling the bet and the prize game.

To try out a slot machine, it is enough to find it in the search using a query like: “slot machines without registration monkey” – and immediately there will be a list of sites that present free demo versions of the desired machines.

A brief history of the slot machine

Charles Fay invented a slot machine in 1887 – similar machines were already in use before him, but it was Fay’s mechanism that became wildly popular. All modern slot machines came from him. There were five symbols on the Liberty Bell machine: horseshoes, diamonds, bells, card spades and hearts. Modern manufacturers necessarily provide one or more classic slot machines with three reels and the described symbols.

During the prohibition of slot machines, machines came out in the form of devices that gave out gum. Therefore, there were images of fruits on their reels: plums, oranges, cherries, etc. Hence came the “fruit machines”. Modern strawberry slot machines have inherited their symbols since those times.

The video slot was invented in 1976 by Fortune Coin Co. The game had a 19-inch Sony screen. The machine became quite popular in Las Vegas casinos, and in 1978 the IGT company bought the technology.

How to start a game on a slot machine

When choosing a slot machine, you should decide on its type. Three-drum classic slot machines have a simple scheme for awarding prizes, however, it is more difficult to get a reward on them. There are fewer symbols in them, and winning combinations fall out less often. But the size of the reward is quite large compared to the size of the bet. Often three-drum machines offer large multi-level jackpots.

Five–drum slot machines are now the most common in the gambling world, for example, the secret of the garage slot machine is that the user can choose the number of participants himself – the game is dedicated to the Soviet garage. A huge number of themes allows you to choose a game for every taste – Egyptian, fantasy, detective, etc.

Slot machines come with a small or significant number of prize lines or no paylines at all. Users are attracted by massive jackpots, a variety of bonus games, the possibility of permanent winnings during the game.

Volatility of slot machines

Before choosing a slot machine, you should find out about its volatility – all the characteristics are written in reviews on information portals. The volatility of slots can be different, the secrets of slot machines with low volatility are that winnings fall out often and in small portions.

Highly volatile machines are rarely awarded, but in large amounts. As an example, you can find slot machines on request to play strawberry slot machines. These are typical machines with high volatility.

Both types of automata require their own strategy. It is especially important to be able to use a bankroll (gaming account) on highly volatile machines. There are too long periods of constant losses on them, and the player must have enough finances on his account to wait for a win.

Example – slot machines “Garage”, “Crazy Monkey”, “Fruit Cocktail”. During the nineties and before the ban on gambling in Russia, these machines were the most popular in the CIS. They are still famous thanks to an interesting system of multi-level bonus games and the probability of large winnings.